Friday, July 18, 2014

Fernley, NV, July 17-18

Ebbets Pass Highway
Ebbetts Pass Highway, Sierra Nevadas, CA
Sash and I have done a lot of traveling together on motorcycles, but yesterday we rode together separately. That is, we took separate routes.

We left Murphys, CA late morning, July 17.

She went her way, and I went mine. It was the first time we had done that.

"I just want to give you the opportunity to ride on your own", she said. "You don't mind, right?"

I was actually conflicted. I mean, yes, it would be fun to ride some of the tighter, twisted roads that take steep elevation gains and drops, and wind precariously close to cliff edges. And yes, it would be fun to ride at my own speed without having to worry about her falling way behind and getting lost.

But then, her riding her own direction would have me worried anyway.

"I suppose so", I said. "But I'm still going to be worried about you."

She thought it was sweet.

The truth is that spending more time alone is something we both really need. As it is, we spend so much time together, in hotel rooms, on the road, eating, meeting clients, working... that we actually get on each other's nerves. Certainly, we work together well and feed off each other well, but I also do pretty well on my own, and so does she. We just don't get to put that into practice much.

After filling up our tanks, I took off eastbound along CA-4, the Ebbetts Pass Highway. Highway 4 goes up and over the Sierra Nevadas, reaching Ebbetts Pass at 8,730 feet up. The road becomes a single lane serving both directions of traffic, becomes highly twisted with steep drops and rises. But you're rewarded with gorgeous views of the Sierras, pristine lakes, and grandiose mountain peaks. I rode it a few years ago with a friend.

Sash took off northbound along CA-49, commonly known as the Gold Country Highway. Highway 49 had been highly recommended to us by a number of people. Sash and I had actually ridden it before a couple years ago, and I've ridden it a few times myself in years' past.

Eventually, I dropped down into Markleeville for a Reuben Sandwich and brew at the Wolf Creek Bar. Sash stopped for tacos in Colfax along the I-80. I managed to avoid the forecasted thunderstorm, just barely. Sash, however, got drenched.

Fernley, NV, ain't all that much. It's largely a town that grew up on the intersection of I-80 and Alt-95. It's chock full of national chains and casinos. We only decided to come here because it was a good distance of a ride, and we needed a place to crash the night.

This morning, we're slabbing it to Elko, NV

Cruising along the Ebbetts
Pass Highway
The road becomes a single
lane for both directions
Mosquito Lake, up near the
Ebbetts Pass, 8,730 feet upThe other side of Ebbetts Pass
has steep drops
The town of Markleeville, CA
along Highway 88
Reuben Sandwich and beer
at Wolf Creek Bar
CA-88 Carson Pass Highway,
towards Nevada
Alt-95 northbound towards
Fernley, NV
Sash taking a video of herself
at the hotel
My beer at Silverado Casino,
Sash doing a selfie along
Asphalt Annie likes it in the
Another Sash selfie, along
Ugly storm clouds over
Donner Pass, I-80

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  1. Steve:

    That was nice of Sash to let you ride at your own pace. I'd be a bit worried too if she wasn't at the meeting spot. I also happened to land in Fernley last August but then I headed West on 395 to Susanville and ended up in Crescent City the next night

    Riding the Wet Coast


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